August Color of the Month: Yellow

Color of the Month puts color in the spotlight, giving each hue the attention that it deserves. The endlessness of color is truly inspiring and deserves its own celebration. 

For the month of August, we’re celebrating warm and happy yellow.

Yellow is the color associated with warmth, sunshine, and happiness. In August, we see nature bursting with yellow in sunflowers, bees, lemons, roses, butterflies, and so much more!

Yellow in Art

As an artist, I draw inspiration from the colors around me, but also from historic designs and creations. Yellow has always been a key color within historic art pieces, and will be a key color in my designs as well. From Picasso using yellow to contrast and highlight, to Renoir using yellow to add shine and definition, every artist sees the importance and power of the color yellow. 

Monet was also known to favor the color yellow in his impressionistic styles, more specifically chrome yellow and cadmium yellow. 

Water Lillies (1919) - Claude Monet (Image: Wikipedia) 

Yellow is the Color of Happiness

This special color is our daily reminder to find the good within the world and to find joy for ourselves. 

Luminous - Castor Earring
With numerous yellow jewelry pieces, you'll find that this superb color is a main source of inspiration for my work. My passion is to design colorful, playful, and empowering jewelry for every person, and yellow is a unifying color. Yellow is all around us, and we're so happy to celebrate it during the month of August. 

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