Color of the Month, Why Did It Start?

Hi friends!

So we’re starting a fun new thing that is all about color, it’s called Color of the Month. We decided to start Color of the Month as a celebration! To me, color is the greatest thing that exists on the planet. Light and color have been the inspiration and basis of my whole business, driving me to delve into different media and exploring my passion for art. 

A bit about my history with color and light and how they drove me as an artist:

Childhood nurtured my love of color and light, I found myself admiring the interaction of nature and light everywhere I went. From camping and wilderness adventures to the way the light travels through a beautiful piece of glass. That passion fueled me to keep exploring throughout my life. In school, I loved working and exploring my art through metals, but there was a lack of color in the work. I could’ve taken up working with stones for the color aspect, but stones require a lot of work, are expensive, need to be sourced correctly and stone setting is everywhere, it’s been created and worn for ages. It makes sense, and don’t get me wrong, I love stones set in metal- they are stunning. But I wanted to be different, to forge my own path and make my own designs, so I pursued some other avenues for my dream. I took what parts of metalsmithing I truly enjoyed and decided to explore other mediums. My first big foray into color was during my Senior year of college where I designed my first necklace series, “Rivers,”  in which the necklaces were made to look like a river was cascading down the wearer’s neck. I started by building a framework for the necklaces and then I wove color coated wire around the structure. While I did love it, it was a delicate practice due to the ease at which the color came off and it ended up not being a feasible business option. Next I tried working with enamel paint which was too limiting and wouldn’t last. I used seed beads for a while, but I wanted to do more than string beads. I ended up looking into polymer clay because it had the color that I had been looking for, but the application process didn’t match what I desired. Also, I really wanted to see some transparency in the jewelry, light play, you know, that whole thing that drives me. Then one day, I found videos of transparent polymer clay on YouTube. After falling down that rabbit hole all of a sudden... I found resin. It felt like it was my medium, especially in tandem with metals. Finally, after all of my years of searching and experimenting, all of the pieces I had been searching for- the metalsmithing, the light play, the color- they finally all came together. Then, when the pandemic struck, I was able to work on my own line of jewelry, experimenting, and I came up with what you see on the website!


Color of the Month Details:

So in celebration of this long journey and my new line, we are going to focus on a different color every month. Every month will be a little different, to keep things exciting. May features a special color, it reminds me of a bowling ball. As an artist, creative freedom is very important, so there will be different features each month. Some months will have one of a kind pieces, while others have special colors, and the ideas will grow and change as we continue to grow.

I’m so excited for all of this and, in addition to the pieces, I'll publish a blog post about the color! This post will be all about the history and significance of the color in different cultures and time periods.

Color of the Month puts color in the spotlight, giving each hue the attention that it deserves! The endlessness of color is truly inspiring and deserves its own celebration.

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