About Ashley


Do you like to find new ways to express your individuality? 

I hope so! And unique, handmade jewelry has always been one way to do it. Unfortunately, the vast majority of jewelry worn today is mass produced by machines with limited involvement of an actual craftsperson. Whittling away the potential power of its message as everything starts to look the same.    

Jewelry has a rich history. From the beginning it has been deeply intertwined with the human story. Each piece representing some fundamental aspect of the wearer’s experience – Love, Relationships, Desire, Memories, Connection, Status, Attraction…

My hope as a jewelry artist is to provide you new and different ways of expressing yourself through my work. From simple designs to complement a casual outfit, to bolder unique designs for when you want to standout.  I want you to find pieces that you can’t find anywhere else, something that speaks directly to you, something that you love, desire, wish to celebrate or remember.

After all, you’re as unique as each star, so let your jewelry reflect that!


Do you value supporting artists and women owned businesses?

All the work I offer comes from my art studio. Each piece is borne of my imagination and takes on its own unique life as it passes through my hands and into yours.  It’s my hope that you value this connection and cherish the fact that you are actively supporting an artist with each purchase. As I grow my business, it’s my goal to pay it forward by supporting more women in the arts through my business activities.   


About Ashley Jay…

I am a Denver based jewelry artist and metalsmith. I make jewelry because it answers a deep calling from within myself. I have an unquenchable passion for the craft and the materials. I love working with fire, metal, color, texture and stones. Harnessing a wonderful assortment of tools and techniques that have been passed down through the millennia. I love the process, the euphoric, exciting highs and the infuriating, disappointing lows. The wonder and awe that can be found within the history of each tool, each material, each stone. Being a metalsmith teaches me about design, determination, problem solving, patience, beauty, fear and transcendence. Ultimately, I gain a deep human connection to both you and our shared human history which fuels my desire to be an artist.